uCity Crime Game Online

In 2040, the earth surface reaches 531 Fahrenheit. Survivors have moved to underground cities.

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This Crime Game Online Has What Others Don't

RPG-style character growth in a future-setting with force fields, anime graphics, detailed staged robberies where you pick locks and clear areas one by one, NPC interaction, world records. uCity crime game online has Real Time Combat, vampires, gem trading, casinos with CCG rares helping your rolls, mineral scavenging, ship races, tomb raiding, cyberpunk niteclubs, and supernatural powers!

Free-To-Play Cyberpunk Crime Game Online

uCity crime game online has instant travel, then click graphic objects and people. Options to talk, rob, cyberpunk hack, trade, and everything under the sun pops up. See uCity crime game online gameplay walk-thrus at the What Can I Do Now? link on the right.


Crime Game Online Coming Soon

Events that award real money, more player races, guilds, GvG, monopolies, world dominion, PC marriage, economy manipulation, random recipes, cyberpunk jack into alt worlds, more unique in-game locations. uCity crime game online will have drug addiction, time travel, ship-to-ship combat, location ownership, user content -- if the action is not here, you can add it!

uCity Crime Game Online lets you be the villain.

rob, cook drugs, corrupt, forge, gamble, insider trades, mindwash, rule the world, scam, bounty hunt, intercept transports, steal ships, even open gates to heaven and hell. uCity crime game online lets you train spys, hack, even start the apocalypse!

uCity Crime Game online lets you be the hero.

Ghost hunt and rid bad spirits from homes, play exorcist and help possessed people, solve murders, solve crimes, solve cold cases to free trapped souls, infiltrate cults and bring them down.

uCity Crime Game online has depth!

Follow a CEO home, telenap him, drug for pw, your cyberpunk hacker jacks-in and robs corp. Or maybe buy sport school, recruit, train, compete, secretly train loyalty, turn into spies, blackmail politicians, change laws. uCity Crime Game Online lets guildies destroy enemy guild's force shield as your experts wipe vampire guards and demolition sealed doors. It can have a Thug appear at 2pm (real life) you can follow. uCity Online Crime Game lets you telenap, then mindwash, awaken, and use in apocalypse ritual.

uCity is a future setting, free online crime game
Mixed with a free mobster game, online apocalypse game